3 months ago, Makayla Jahns
Beginning next year, Altoona will replace New Richmond as a member school in the Middle Border Conference for most high school sports. This change will not have a major impact on middle school sports as we will still compete against New Richmond as they are so close in proximity to us. Altoona is a great fit in the Middle Border Conference for a variety of reasons. They have a similar high school enrollment as the rest of the conference (488) whereas New Richmond had 991 students, almost double that of most other MBC schools. Also, the drive time from our high school to Altoona High School is 60 minutes. Although this will be our furthest drive, it is only 10 minutes longer than our trip to Osceola. Altoona will not be in the Middle Border for football. Instead, Rice Lake will replace New Richmond. Also, in girls’ golf and wrestling, Altoona will not participate in the Middle Border because of the co-ops they have in those sports. For wrestling and girls’ golf, we will be in a 7-team conference. We would like to welcome the Altoona Rails to our conference and look forward to competing against them next year.
3 months ago, Brian Johnson
Altoona Rails
SCC Prom will take place on May 1st. Cost is $20 per individual. Please see the Prom Site for additional information regarding ticket sales and grand march. https://sites.google.com/scc.k12.wi.us/mshawkins/home/student-groups/prom
3 months ago, Brian Johnson
Summer School Registration is open! https://www.scc.k12.wi.us/summer-school--33
3 months ago, Lindsay Jacobs
Congrats to the 16 outstanding Middle Border Scholar Athletes who were recognized last night. SCC award winners were Mya Kizer and Gabe Siler. Thank you for representing our school so well, and congratulations on all that you have and will accomplish!
4 months ago, Brian Johnson
MBC Scholar Athlete Award Winners
4K friends in Mrs. Ruud’s class are doing a letter walk throughout the school!
4 months ago, Lindsay Jacobs
Recently, the district and board have been engaged in a conversation with our community regarding the operational and facilities needs in St. Croix Central schools. While the majority of voters did not feel the two referendum questions on the ballot were the right solutions at this time, we appreciate everyone’s engagement around these important issues. We know that our needs will persist. The board will re-evaluate our options and work to find a new solution that the community can support. Thank you for your support of our schools and the students we passionately serve.
4 months ago, SCC Website Manager
Referendum Thank You
Today is Election Day in Wisconsin! Voters may cast their ballots at the usual polling locations during today’s spring elections. Find voting and polling place information: https://myvote.wi.gov/.
4 months ago, SCC Website Manager
On Tuesday, voters in the St. Croix Central School District will consider two referendum questions. If the operational referendum question is approved, it would allow the district to cover the costs of maintaining competitive staff compensation and other district operating expenses. It would enable the district to exceed its state-imposed revenue limit authority by $1,700,000 in the 2021-22 school year, and then by $350,000 each year through 2031. If the facilities referendum question is approved, it would provide the district with an additional $22.5 million to improve district facilities, including a career and technical addition to the high school to improve programming and opportunities for students planning to pursue the trades. There would also be a four-year-old kindergarten addition to the elementary school so that all 4K students can have the same access to the many services only available to them on our elementary campus. Additionally, the district would also make upgrades to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) and other systems throughout our buildings. Learn more: http://bit.ly/SCCReferendum
4 months ago, SCC Website Manager
The School Board and district leaders have worked diligently to place the district in an outstanding financial position. This allows us flexibility as we work to find solutions to our most pressing needs. Over the years, the board has actively worked to repay previous referendum debt in a way that reduces interest costs, locks in state aid, and improves the financial position of the district for the future. The district is on schedule to fully retire all debts in 2035. It will also refinance and prepay debt in 2021, reducing interest costs by more than $1.9 million. Because of work done by the School Board, potential mill rate increases as a result of the referendums in 2021 would be largely offset. Thanks to this work, the district is in a sound financial position in advance of the two referendum questions the community will consider on Tuesday, April 6. Learn more: http://bit.ly/SCCReferendum
4 months ago, SCC Website Manager
SCC Referendum
Tuesday, April 6th is a very important education election that will shape the future for SCC. The following educational decisions are on the ballot: - State Superintendent of Public Instruction - SCC Referendum - Three SCC School Board Seats Polls are open at your local municipality from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
4 months ago, SCC Website Manager
Referendum Date
Why invest in our staff at SCC? Because people make the difference. The quality of our staff equals the quality of our school. Although many things determine employee engagement and satisfaction, SCC believes that competitive compensation is fundamental to attracting and retaining an outstanding workforce. Great staff make a great school.
4 months ago, SCC Website Manager
Referendum Date
If both referendum questions are approved on April 6, district residents would see an estimated property tax increase of 99 cents per $1,000 of assessed property value. This would result in a tax increase of about $198 for the owner of a home worth $200,000, over the course of a year. Learn more about the questions on the ballot, the tax impact, and other important information on the upcoming referendum: http://bit.ly/SCCReferendum
4 months ago, SCC Website Manager
Referendum Tax Impact
Eighth grader Aaron recently won Teaching Today WI's Dream Career Essay Contest with his essay on becoming a coroner. He was awarded a certificate and a cash prize. Congratulations, Aaron!
4 months ago, Pete Nusbaum
If the community approves the facilities referendum question on the ballot for St. Croix Central on April 6, the district would be able to expand Career and Technical Education (CTE) programming. These programs allow students who learn critical, foundational knowledge in one set of classes to use technical skills to design and build—often with the same tools used in industry. By expanding our CTE opportunities, we provide all students a clean, safe, and modern space that facilitates learning and allows students to gain important skills they can apply to a well-paying job after graduation. We can also meet our goal of helping ensure students gain the knowledge and skills that will serve them well in the future, while meeting local businesses’ needs for skilled employees. Learn more: http://bit.ly/SCCReferendum
4 months ago, SCC Website Manager
Why CTE?
Happy World Down Syndrome Day! Are you rockin your crazy socks today?! A little message from SCC Middle School's Unified Club: a little bit different, a lot of bit the same! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_owkrg8XVw
4 months ago, Pete Nusbaum
The St. Croix Central School District would like to thank all of the candidates on the ballot for the upcoming school board election for their willingness to serve the staff, students, and community constituents of St. Croix Central School District. More information about the upcoming election can be found at the following link: https://tinyurl.com/SCCSchoolBoardElection
4 months ago, SCC Website Manager
In case you missed last night’s community-wide informational meeting to discuss the Spring Referendum you can watch the meeting recording by visiting the SCC Referendum webpage. The final informational meeting will take place on Thursday, March 18th at 7:00 p.m. and will be held virtually on Google Meet.
4 months ago, SCC Website Manager
Referendum Informational Meetings
Join us for a community-wide informational meeting to discuss the Spring Referendum. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tNliw-8iiGlPjQcnwQeosFiPTk9EawCV/view
5 months ago, SCC Website Manager
Congratulations to these Middle School Students of the Month - way to go 5th graders!
5 months ago, Chance Langeness