St. Croix Central Community Education is proud to be able to offer a wonderful and diverse platform of continuing education programs. Classes in home, health, crafts, and technology are just some of the offerings provided by SCCCE. We take pride in being able to offer as many opportunities to the community as we can. Please feel free to contact a program director if there is something you might like to see made available as a class through SCCCE. Classes are offered at various dates throughout the year, so please continue to check the class schedule as well as the Welcome page for announcements of new classes.

Thank you for taking the time to join us and explore. See you in class!

Class Schedule and Payment Form - Spring 2024

Payment And Registration Form

All payments must be made by the registration due date listed in the class description. Please see the class description for payee. Some funds will be directed to SCCCE while other classes are a director/instructor pay.

Please use the online registration/payment form that can be found in the class schedule document above.

You can mail your registration to: St. Croix Central Community Education, PO Box 294, Hammond, WI 54015. Questions? (612) 229-6014