1. Cooperate with and obey the driver at all times.

  2. Please try to be at the bus stop five (5) minutes BEFORE your pickup time.

  3. Keep the noise level down.

  4. Keep the bus clean – do not litter or throw anything!

  5. No food, drink, or gum on the bus.

  6. Keep all body parts inside the window. Do not lower the windows more than halfway.

  7. Remain in your seat at all times. Please keep the aisle clear of backpacks and feet. Do not move from seat to seat.

  8. Be considerate of others. Respect the property of others and the bus. You are responsible for the damage that you cause on the bus.

  9. No swearing.

  10. No use of tobacco or alcohol.

  11. The driver is authorized to assign seats at any time for any reason.

  12. Everyone has the right to a pleasant ride – including the driver.

  13. Students will not be allowed to bring or eat food or drink beverages on the bus. To do so would require the removal of a student mask.

  14. Riders will be assigned seats on all bus routes.

  15. Family members will be assigned to sit in the same seat or area of the bus to minimize mixing of students

If these rules are not followed, the student will receive a write up, and the school will hand out whatever consequences they deem appropriate.


Welcome to the St. Croix Central School District Transportation website. We hope that your visit here is profitable and worthwhile for you. Our mission is to provide safe, timely and efficient transportation for the students of our district and we work very hard to make that happen. We have a great staff of personnel who work tirelessly to make sure that we can accomplish our mission. 

Since our drivers are the first and last school representatives to interact with your child every day, our role is that they start and end their day in a positive way. We try to instill in all of our personnel that we are all about the children and fostering a positive attitude within them about the importance of a good education. 

On this website you will find the name and numbers of our staff members as well as a place to search for online routing information. We look forward to serving you throughout the school year.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact either Beau Petersen, Garage Supervisor at 796-2256 (2450) or Pete Nusbaum, Transportation Director at 796-5383 (1131).

Thank you,

Pete Nusbaum, Transportation Director and Beau Petersen, Transportation Supervisor


SCC Transportation