St Croix Virtual Academy

1751 Broadway Street Hammond, WI 54015
Phone: 715-796-5383 | Fax: 715-796-5662

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To enroll tuition-free, you can apply during Wisconsin's Open Enrollment window. You may apply for open enrollment from February 6-April 28, 2023. If you miss this window, you may apply for an alternative open enrollment beginning July 1, if your child meets at least one of seven criteria listed on the application. There is more information located on the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction website.

To prepare our students with exceptional character, knowledge, and skills to thrive in their changing world.

As our world continues to change, so do the lives and educational needs of our children. At St. Croix Virtual Academy, we strive to provide the best virtual learning experience for our students. With flexible class schedules, the ability to receive dual credits for college and high school, and a strong academic foundation, SCVA staff will ensure your children are ready for their future.

Stephanie Posta

Stephani Posta

Virtual Academy Principal

Phone: 715-796-5383 ext. 1149


Becky Haug

Becky Haug

Virtual Academy Registrar

Phone: 601-207-0610


Karli E

Karli Eichstadt

Virtual Academy Counselor

Phone: 715-796-5383 ext. 1105 OR 601-207-7235


Cindy Beamer

Cindy Beamer

Virtual Academy Administrative Assistant

Phone: 715-796-5383 ext. 1186