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Vote on or before April 5, 2022

Making your voice known is important, and the decision to invest in our school is yours. Here's how to cast your vote on April's referendum.

Sample Ballot

How to vote early from home

How to vote on Election Day

Sample Ballot

Sample Ballot

Sample Ballot

Sample Ballot

Request an absentee ballot by clicking here:

How to vote early in-person

You are able to vote early in-person at your polling location. Find out your locations availability by clicking here:

WI Voting

Election Day is Tuesday, April 5, 2022. You can register to vote before April 5th and save time on Election Day. Don't know if you're registered? Click here:

To find your polling place click here:

This will give you locations, hours, directions and you can even view the ballot.

What if I have questions?