What are the needs of our District?

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During our comprehensive planning process, several critical facility and educational needs were identified. On Tuesday, April 5, 2022 District residents will vote on a two-question referendum to:

  • Expand educational spaces for Career & Technical Education (CTE) classes

  • Expand 4K facilities to provide for equitable learning environments

  • Repair field and track surfaces to keep the space viable for school and community use

  • Replace HVAC equipment that is beyond its life cycle

  • Make upgrades to classroom technology and security

  • Expand parking and improve traffic flow at the high school

  • Make salary adjustments to bring SCC up to par with neighboring school districts

SCC needs to expand Career and Technical Education (CTE) spaces.

  • Small engine repair lacks space causing a safety concern; bigger projects need to be completed outside.

  • Metals has a lack of space and is using old equipment. Along with this, the current layout leads to obstructed sightlines for teachers supervising students leading to a concern for safety.

  • Woodshop has space concerns and lack of storage space, as well as inadequate ventilation causing safety and health concerns. The finishing area where students complete their projects (varnish/stain/etc.) is a former storage space.

  • The virtual school hub is located in the former Panthers Den where business students sold Panther products. There is currently no space available for the Panthers Den.

  • There is currently no space to house animals for the ag and vet students.

  • There is currently not enough space in the greenhouse to meet the needs of the district. There are concerns over water damage, leaking windows and roof and temperature control.

  • The Family and Consumer Science (FACS) room does not have enough space to properly house both the culinary and sewing areas. These classes are some of the hardest for student's to enroll in due to limited facilities and high student demand.

Small Engine CTE Space

Small Engine CTE Classroom Lacking Space

Large Engine Outside

Large Engine CTE Area Outside & Lacks Space

Metals CTE Space

Metals CTE Classroom Outdated & Lacks Space

Woodshop CTE Space

Woodshop CTE Classroom needs better ventilation & lacks space

Panther Den/Virtual Academy

Former Panther Den being used by Virtual Academy

Animal Housing

Currently there is inadequate space to house animals


Greenhouse lacks space

FACS Classroom

Foods Classroom lacks space

FACS Kitchen

Family & Consumer Science (FACS) Kitchen cramped and outdated

FACS Storage

FACS Storage Area

FACS Storage

FACS Storage Area

Video Production Area

Computer Lab doubling as a Video Production Area

SCC needs to expand 4K facilities to provide equitable areas for all students.

SCC Elementary

  • Current layout has 1 classroom located on the main level and 1 classroom located on the lower level

  • Located closest to the oldest children at the building and does not have a bathroom connected

  • Classrooms are tight for the number of students and do not have ample storage space


  • Student support services are not located at the Trinity location; only at SCC Elementary.

  • Staff support services and collaboration are not easily accessible at Trinity location.

  • Trinity's only building security is a ring doorbell which the teacher or para needs to be monitoring.

  • Trinity's playground area in not enclosed which leads to safety concerns.

  • Trinity students do not have access to a gym or library.

  • Trinity does not have air conditioning.

  • Trinity does not have access to the school district's breakfast option.

  • Teachers at Trinity do not have copiers, printers, or office supplies on site and must go to the middle school or elementary school to have access to these.

4K Storage

4K Storage Area

4K Classroom at Trinity

4K Classroom at Trinity

4K Classroom at Trinity

4K Classroom at Trinity

4K Upstairs Room at SCC Elementary

4K Upstairs Classroom at SCC Elementary

4K Downstairs at SCC Elementary

4K Downstairs Classroom at SCC Elementary

Track and field maintenance

  • The rubber surface of the track is deteriorating and is currently only being patched. Large chunks of the track are coming off and creating depressions in the track which leads to safety concerns.

  • The deterioration of the track is due, in part, to drainage issues.

  • Due to drainage issues with the field, games have had to be relocated to the middle school because of poor field conditions at game times.

  • Due to the excessive field crown and drainage issues, our soccer program is not able to play matches on the current high school field. Since the soccer program was implemented, practices are located at the elementary school and games have been played at the middle school field.

  • Due to soccer practices being located at the elementary school, athletes do not have access to locker rooms or storage for any of their equipment.

Track Deterioration

Track Deterioration

Track Deterioration

Track Deterioration

Track Condition

Track Condition

Field Crown

Field Crown

Field Electrical

Field Electrical in Drainage Area

Track Seating

Track & Field - Small Amount of Seating

Track Deterioration

Track Deterioration

Track Drainage

Track Drainage

HVAC upgrades in all district buildings

The ability to maintain a consistent temperature in many classrooms is challenging due to the outdated HVAC control system software. In the previous referendum improvements were made to a majority of the mechanical HVAC systems, however most of the control system software was not replaced. HVAC systems have a published life span of 15-20 years; the current unit at the high school is 23 years old.

Classroom technology and security upgrades

  • Smartboards need to be replaced due to low screen quality, and an inability to be wireless.

  • Indoor digital signage is needed in all facilities for better communication, as well as a means to communicate emergency issues.

  • Cellular boosters would help with school security in emergency situations.

  • Cyber security additions and upgrades would expand on existing security systems.

Competitive salary model to attract and retain high quality staff

  • SCC salary is below the average of the 12 area competing school districts

  • Salary adjustments made for those staff who are underpaid only.

  • We believe competitive salary is needed to attract and retain the highest quality staff.

12 Area Benchmarked Districts


New Richmond





Glenwood City

River Falls



Menomonie Area

Spring Valley

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