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Investing in our Children

Our district's vision is "Be a district respected by others as a model of excellence in student achievement" and our mission is "to prepare our students with exceptional character, knowledge and skills to thrive in their changing world". This spring, we are asking community members to consider investing in our schools to support that vision and mission.

We encourage District residents to visit our referendum web pages below for accurate and transparent information to assist with making an informed decision before the voting date of Tuesday, April 5.

Our previous referendum

In April 2021, District voters rejected a bond referendum by 128 votes (813 Yes, 941 No) and an operational referendum by 313 votes (710 Yes, 1023 No).

We listened to the community and have made changes to our plan

The improvements in last April's plans have been evaluated based on input from the community, SCC staff, and Community Task Force. The current plan represents changes made stemming from the concerns regarding the April 2021 failed referendum.

  • Last year, the school benchmarked salary adjustments at 105% of 12 area schools. In the current plan, the district has adjusted to benchmarking salary adjustments at 100% of the 12 area schools.

  • Last year, the school building upgrades did not include the immediate needs of the track and field, HVAC improvements, and classroom technology and security upgrades.

What the current plan will do

On Tuesday, April 5, District residents will vote on a two-question referendum that will upgrade out-of-date HVAC systems, improve educational space for Career and Technical Education (CTE), improve educational space for the district's 4K program, address immediate needs of the high school's track and field, make salary adjustments so that SCC can be competitive with surrounding districts, and make upgrades district-wide to classroom technology and security.

Upgrade out-of-date HVAC systems.


Improve educational spaces for CTE.


Improve educational spaces for 4K program.


Address immediate needs of the track and field.


Make salary adjustments to make SCC competitive with surrounding districts.


Make upgrades to classroom technology and security.


Learn about our needs.

Learn about the plan.

Learn about the cost.

Learn about voting.