"Highly recommend! This is the very BEST alternative to brick and mortar schools! The process of enrollment was smooth, Stephanie was very patient and kind! The training was thoroughly leaving my kids confident to proceed! The teachers are all kind, caring and want total success! A decision, I made that am in full contentment! Thank-you, Thank-you"

~ Michelle, February 2023

"This school is very individualized based, but it does a very good job of keeping the student interested and active in their studies. The staff are highly attentive to students and often offer great support for any troubles in school work. This school is truly something to honor as a blessing. It also keeps up good effort in providing efficient experiences and field trips for students that support everyone. There is much effort shown in this school. No slacking!"

~ SCVA Senior, December 2022

"It’s the best possible program for any kid having struggles with mental health or attendance issues! I highly recommend SCC Virtual Academy!"

~ SCVA Senior, May 2021

"AMAZING!!!!!! Helped my son when we felt we exhausted all options. Thank you so much."

~ Jennifer, May 2020

"I'm so very happy that I found St Croix Central Virtual Academy! My son has absolutely thrived in this environment. I can't say enough about the staff - positive, helpful, understanding, and truly caring. I am amazed in the transformation I've seen in my son; and we are on the path to graduation in 2021."

~ Shirley, May 2020

"Best thing I ever did for my son! Most wonderful teachers, program all together♡♡♡ We are so grateful !"

~ Skye, May 2020

"Wow, - you steered us through this opportunity with such positive direction & encouragement. I am particularly grateful for how you kept us informed, and didn't allow us to become discouraged when things got tough, but rather worked with us to come up with viable solutions, and implement action, & goals, to successfully reach our son's graduation.

You have a great team there."

"Thank you to all of you @ SCC Virtual Academy for your team work, guidance, encouragement, and patience.

I feel you have an extortionary program going, and am so grateful we were included in it, and that Jacob has graduated. Well done all - Good job.

If ever you have a parent with questions please feel free to use me as a reference."

Kind regards, Robert

"Thank you so much for all you have done for our family. I am grateful to have had the chance to work with you and the team of educators at SCC.

Emma will finish all her graduation requirements on Thursday. She begins Start College Now on Monday. We would not be where we are today without your help.

I appreciate you."

Best regards, Susan

"We are thrilled with the self-pacing option for our ADHD/gifted child who has trouble conforming to a traditional classroom environment. He is THRIVING at SCC and has finally gotten some academic confidence. Years of being in the traditional mainstream classroom had him believing that he was incapable of academic success. He was plagued with stress-induced stomach illnesses from elementary school through middle school. He is confident now and on target to complete all graduation requirements 2 years early."