How It Works

Our online program offers instruction that is 100% online where scheduled lessons are delivered in the program. The program paces the work (M-F except during breaks) to keep students on track to finish coursework by the end of each semester. Students may choose to work ahead and finish their classes early. Students read lessons (or have them read by the computer), watch videos, do assignments, complete projects, take quizzes, and take exams. There are many opportunities for students to redo things to improve their understanding as well as their grades during the semester. 

St. Croix Virtual Academy teachers answer student/parent questions, provide student support, and grade all written student work. Virtual one-to-one student and teacher meetings are available to be held weekly or on an as needed basis for the student to receive extra guidance in one or more of their classes. Students can easily track their progress and see their grades. There is also a parent portal that allows parents access to view student progress.

SCVA MS Teacher

SCVA MS Teacher

Career Exploration




Students take core classes in ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies, as well as PE, Career Exploration, and Keyboarding depending on their grade level. The core classes have all been aligned with the National Standards and further checked to correspond with the Wisconsin Standards. Electives such as journalism, drawing, coding, painting, game design, and photography are also available. 



Game Design


SCVA offers optional monthly in-person field trips to places local to Western Wisconsin. Students also have opportunities to attend advisory, social times, and clubs through online meets run by SCVA staff.

Science Museum of Minnesota - St. Paul, MN

Science Museum of Minnesota - St. Paul, MN

SCVA Field Trip

White Pine Berry Farm - River Falls, WI

Children's Theatre Company - Minneapolis, MN

Children's Theatre Company - Minneapolis, MN

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