Guardian's Role

At St. Croix Valley Academy we view guardians as the student’s Learning Coaches.  It is a vital role where you get to provide your student with the support and guidance they need to be successful. You will help your high school student establish a daily schedule, set expectations for them to complete the assigned work, monitor their progress using the parent portal, and communicate with their teachers via phone, text, and email. 

This is meant to be primarily an independent learning experience for students. However, we know from lots of experience with this age that for most students, they can’t just be told to “do it” for it to get done. They need to be held accountable. Some will need incentives and others may require consequences to define boundaries. They need to know that you believe that school is important and valuable, and that it will benefit them as they mature and become productive adults. Your positive attitude towards this endeavor is very important. 

You are NOT alone! As their Learning Coach, you’ll be an important member of your student’s team, partnering with our teachers and staff to help your student become the person you know they can be. SCVA has licensed teachers who are dedicated to helping all students succeed. There are online resources available for you, a Learning Coach, below.

Learning Coach Resources

Learning Coach Resources

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