How It Works

SCVA offers two program types for our elementary aged learners.

Accelerate Learning

Accelerate offers online instruction where lessons are scheduled and delivered in the program. SCVA teachers answer questions, provide support, and grade all work.

Students will watch pre-recorded lessons, take quizzes, and complete projects and assignments.

Accelerate Learning provides workbooks for students so they still get a hands-on feel while they are completing their work.



Hands-On provides a blend of physical books and pre-recorded online lessons from a SCVA teacher.

Learning Coaches at home are responsible for following the weekly schedule and pacing provided by their child’s teacher.

Weekly meetings for each student to receive individualized instruction.

This decision guide can be used to help you determine which curriculum option is best for you. Decision Guide

SCVA provides all students with opportunities for socialization:

  • Each student is required to meet with their teacher for an individual check in at least one time per week. Students have a chance to ask questions, get help with assignments, and to form a meaningful connection with their teacher.

  • Students can get to know their peers by attending Morning Meetings. All Morning Meetings are optional, but are a great and fun way to share about themselves, play games, and make friends.

  • SCVA also offers optional monthly field trips to places local to Western Wisconsin. 

SCVA Field Trip

Science Museum of Minnesota - St. Paul, MN

SCVA Field Trip

White Pine Berry Farm - River Falls, WI

SCVA Field Trip

Children's Theatre Company - Minneapolis, MN

At three points in the school year, all SCVA students are expected to complete a standardized math and reading test. Teachers use these test results to determine which students would benefit from additional support in reading and/or math. If additional support is needed, SCVA’s reading and math interventionist will develop a plan to boost their skills. Plans can range from use of additional programs, individual or small group meetings to teach targeted skills, support in understanding grade-level material, or whatever else is deemed necessary.

Students in 3rd-8th grade also need to complete the Wisconsin Forward Exam for their grade level in the spring.

Daily Responsibilities

At a minimum, it is expected that the following things are completed each day. We have many additional tools and curriculum resources that you may use to fill your day and week with rich educational opportunities.

  • Math Lesson 

  • Language Arts (Reading, Grammar, Spelling, Writing)

  • Science 

  • Social Studies 

*This list applies to both Accelerate and Hands-On programs

Weekly Responsibilities

  • Attend individual check in meeting with your teacher

  • Take pictures of completed work and upload to Seesaw or Accelerate 

    • can also be done daily

  • Fill out Physical Education Log

  • Complete work in additional programs (IXL or Lexia) as assigned by interventionist, as needed

  • Complete an art project

  • Complete 30 minutes of Typing Club (4th & 5th grade only)

Click HERE to see an example of a daily schedule

4K-5 School Supply List

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