At SCVA, we believe that every child is wonderful and unique.  We want to honor your child’s uniqueness and individuality by offering a variety of curriculum options to meet your child’s learning needs.  We offer curriculum options that are online, offline, or a combination of both. It is your choice what will work best for your family!

Please look over the curriculum options to see what you are interested in.  If you don’t see something on our list, please inquire with our principal or teachers to discuss alternative options. The information provided is not meant for you to decide on your own - we are a team and believe that collaboration creates the best outcomes! 

This decision guide can be used to help you determine which curriculum option is best for you. ES Curriculum Decision Guide

Accelerate Education: 

  • 100% online curriculum

  • Instruction is pre-recorded videos from Accelerate

  • Learning Coach uploads work into the Accelerate program

  • Schedule/Pacing is predetermined

  • SCVA teachers build relationships, answer questions, provide support, and grade all work

  • Learning Coach support and management is required

Accelerate Education Link

SCVA Curriculum - Accelerate

SCVA Curriculum - Hands on


  • Uses physical books & online tools

  • Instruction comes from SCVA teacher with the support of the learning coach

  • Learning Coach and teacher determine schedule/pacing

  • Work is uploaded to Seesaw and graded by an SCVA teacher

All About Learning Press link

All About Reading (4K-2)

Mosdos link

Mosdos (3-5)

Handwriting Without Tears logo

Handwriting Without Tears

Spelling You See link

Spelling You See

Math-U-See link


iReady Math link

iReady Math

Skill Sharpeners

Skill Sharpeners Geography

The Story of the World

The Story of the World

Building Blocks of Science

The Building Blocks of Science

Dr. Bonyfide logo

Dr. Bonyfide



IXL link


Symphony Math

Symphony Math

Click HERE to see an example of a daily schedule

4K-5 School Supply List

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