Jungle Book Fair

There are lots of great reasons to shop our online book fair!

  1. There's nothing better to build your brain muscle than to read a book you pick out yourself.

  2. You can grow academically, personally, and emotionally by reading great books.

  3. Reading opens windows into other people's experiences or can show you a mirror of your own experience.

  4. In this time of uncertainty and isolation, books can provide a refuge from the real world.

  5. Proceeds from the book fair are used to support students at SCC.

So what is the information you absolutely MUST know about our online book fair? 

  1. Students who bring money or have an eWallet setup will be able to shop on Tuesday at their teacher’s discretion.

  2. We HIGHLY encourage families to shop online March 8-21 by visiting scholastic.com/bf/scces . Scroll down to the “Shop Now” link and login with your Scholastic account to get started. Books are shipped to your house and can provide a fun surprise for your student during this work-from-home time.

You can find more information by visiting our Book Fair Website. And if you have questions, please reach out to our library media specialist Ms. Olson.