bunk class

People always say it takes a village to raise a child.. We are so thankful that at SCC we have TWO villages 😊

Mrs. Bunk’s class completed the Tour de Hammond, Roberts, and Baldwin 2019! This year we toured and visited with many local businesses and public service men and women in efforts to strengthen relationships within our own communities.

We feel so GRATEFUL and PROUD to have had the chance to spend some time with some local heroes and to make some new friends! We were met with kindness everywhere we went and cannot thank our communities enough for the experiences we have gained. We have been inspired by so many already and are looking forward to The Tour in 2020 😊

See all the photos on the Facebook post.

Huge thank you to:
Cobblestone Inn Baldwin
Mr. Newton and United Fire and Rescue
Mr. Brian at the SCC bus garage
Cheap Andy’s
Hammond community library
Roberts community library
Stitchin’ post
Roberts police department
Dollar General Roberts
Hammond police department
Hammond Health Services and Heritage Court