In Kids CARE... Your child is cared about. Our vision for this program is for Kids CARE to be a safe, engaging, enjoyable place for your child to be. A place where they can learn, grow, have fun and have a sense of belonging. It is our hope that when the day is done, and your children go home, they feel happy and proud, eager to express the happenings of their day to you. We feel privileged to have the opportunity to spend my days seeing the world through the eyes of a child, creating and fostering experiences for them.  We believe in strong relationships with the children and families we work with and we look forward to continuing to make Kids CARE a positive part of your lives.


Please always contact us with any questions or concerns. We want to partner with you in order to best support you and your child and make their time spent here in Kids CARE a positive experience!

Directors: Chelsy Strom and Heidi Usgaard 

Registration and Scheduling:

Email: cstrom@scc.k12.wi.us

Phone: 715-245-7603

Billing and Coordinator:

Email: husgaard@scc.k12.wi.us


Central Kids CARE Handbook

Summer Kids CARE information:

Summer Kids CARE begins June 7, 2019 and partners with summer school through the month of June. We offer before and after care for the month of June (6 am - 8 am and 11:40 am - 6 pm). Any child(ren) attending Kids CARE during the month of June must be enrolled in Summer school, unless they are dropped off after 11:40. Kids CARE is not open during the hours of 8am-11:40. Full-day care begins the week of July 2nd. We will be closed July 4th for the holiday and the 5th of July.

The last day of Summer Kids CARE will be Wednesday Aug 21st, 2018. The first day of school begins August 29th, this will be the first day of Fall Kids CARE as well.

There will be no care available Aug 22nd-Aug 28th, 2018.

Summer registration will open March 2019.