Advancing to high school marks a pivotal transition in your student's life. The Grade 8 Acacemic & Career Planning Conferrence can be a key moment in the transition process. The ACP conference brings together your student's educational experience and personal growth and begins to focus on future dreams and goals. Parents are important members of the ACP conference team. This conference is designed to help parents gain a more in-depth understanding of the their child's development and for students to gain insight into the direction they are headed for the future. Our task will be to determine how we can help your student create and achieve broadly based goals for his/her future.

Conferencing provides parents and students the opportunity to discuss talents, abilities, and interests in a positive atmosphere and to begin developing a 4-year high school plan. ACP Conferences are scheduled during the school day from 8am until 4pm. The length of the conference is typically 45 minutes and includes both parents and their son or daughter. We hope this planning time can lead students and parents to better insight and clarification as we head into the future. If you have not set up a time to discuss the transition from Middle School to High School, please give us a call or you can logon to skyward and click on coferences. A calendar will pop up and you can schedule a time convenient to you. Be involved in this exciting time of change!

Please contact the middle school counselor, Alyssa Fritsche or Chris Jardine for further information.