Destiny Help

If you have questions about Destiny Discover or our ebooks and digtial audiobooks, checkout the handouts and videos below. Also, you can always stop in the library to get help or email Ms. Olson at aolson[at]scc.k12.wi.us.

Destiny Discover App Store Links -- Find the store links for the Destiny Discover app. Includes Kindle, Nook, Apple, Android, Mac, and Windows.

Destiny Discover App Setup  --    Video    Handout

Destiny Discover Handout for Middle School --  This two-page handout goes over how to use the ebooks and audiobooks. It contains reminders of how to get their and what the students use as their login information.

Using Destiny Discover Video

Writing a Review in Destiny Discover  --  Check out this slideshow for some tips on what to include in your book review and the actual steps of writing a review in Destiny Discover.


Pink Packet -- Citations & Note Taking This document is an abridged version of the MLA rules for creating bibliographies (or a works cited). It also contains note taking tips and reminders.

EasyBib Online bibliography generator - Plug in your information and it formates it for you.

BibMe Online bibliography generator - Plug in your information and it formates it for you.

Read your sources and take notes Explains how to take notes from a source.

Career Research

This information and resources are for Ms. Buckel's 8th grade career research project. Updated Jan 2018.

Research Documents-- Choose ONE.

You can either complete your research using the Google Sheet or with a paper packet.

Resources -- 4 sources required (2 books, Career Cruising, one other source of your choice)

  • Book -- On a cart from the library. Create the citation using Destiny Discover
  • eBook -- Available through Destiny Discover . Flyer with links.
  • Career Crusing . Create the citation using EasyBib
  • Career One Stop
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook
  • The professional organization for your career (Example -- American Library Association if you are looking up librarian)
  • Explora-- Use this link to auto-login via Badgerlink. Search "your career CAREER"
  • Interview with someone in that profession or related to it
  • Video from TV, documentary, or online video site -- Take notes as you watch to remember what was said.
  • PebbleGo Next -- Go into "Social Studies" and then "Fields of Study". There is a cite button in it. Get login info from teacher.

Other Important Stuff