Food Service Meal Sign-up Forms

Please use the following forms to sign-up for free meals that your child will bring home at the end of the day on Thursdays. The bags that students will bring home will include food for breakfast and lunch for the Friday that they will not be in school. The first Friday that we are not in school is October 30th and meals will be sent home on Thursday, October 29th. You will need to complete a separate form for each of your school-aged children. By submitting this form you are requesting food to be prepared for your child for ALL of the Fridays that we are not in school.

If your child is not at school on Thursday to take meals home, the SCC transportation department will be delivering meals on Friday morning between 8-9 am.

To ensure that our food service staff have enough resources on hand to fulfill requests, we ask that families sign up for this service by Sunday evenings in order to receive meals on Thursday.

If your child will be attending KidsCare on Fridays you will not need to fill out this form. 

Information about SCC's Food Service Program

SCC Schools serve nutritious breakfast and lunch meals daily at each building. Students may choose to purchase an additional meal at lunch or an additional carton of milk if the account balance is large enough to remain in the positive. Please remember if your child is on free meals, they must take a meal in order to receive their milk. If students bring a cold lunch, they can purchase a milk for $.40 for that day.

Please call the Food Service Department at 715-796-5383 x.1111 if you:

  • Don't allow your student to purchase more than one meal per day, extra milk, or have any other special requests.
  • Do not want your student to use the family account for Ala Carte purchases.
  • Need to inform the school of any diet restrictions, such as food allergies or for other medical reasons.
  • Milk Allergies MUST BE turned in every year that you are in the district.
Computerized Meal System

You will be receiving information regarding your child’s Personal Identification Number(s) (PIN). Please help your child to memorize this number before the first day of school. As in the past, each student will type in his/her four-digit PIN number and state his/her first and last name to the cashier.

Please make sure that your child understands the PINs are to remain confidential. A student will not be allowed to use another student’s PIN even if that student gives permission.

Breakfast and Lunch Prices

Elementary Students Middle/High Students
K-4 Lunch 2.55 5-8 Lunch 2.75
K-4 Breakfast 1.35 5-12 Breakfast 1.45
Milk (all schools) .40 9-12 Lunch 2.85
Reduced Lunch .40 Reduced Lunch .40
Reduced Breakfast .30 Reduced Breakfast .30

Adult/Visitor Breakfast - $1.85
Adult/Visitor Lunch - $3.70

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