Calvert School's comprehensive homeschool curriculum uses a blend of tradition and innovation, and is available for ages PreK through 8th grade. For over a century, Calvert School has believed that every child deserves a quality education regardless of geography or situation.  Whether you are new to homeschooling, or a seasoned homeschool veteran, Calvert School can work with you to tailor a homeschool program to fit your child's needs.  Calvert is taught at home by families who seek to combine the greatest flexibility in their homeschool program with the high standards inherent in the Calvert Curriculum. Even though this program is taught at home, SCC's Virtual Coordinator, Stephani Owens, will be there every step of the way to support parents, with any questions they may have. To find out more about Calvert, check out their website link below.


Wisconsin Virtual School (WVS), Wisconsin's Web Academy, is an online course service provider that partners with school districts throughout the state, to offer online courses to middle and high school students. Each class offered through WVS is a 1 or 2 semester course, that students are given 5 months to complete. Classes are taught by WI DPI certified teachers, hired by WVS.  The WVS high-quality, interactive online courses meet Wisconsin's state standards as well as national standards.  SCC's Virtual Coordinator, Stephani Owens, will work with you and your child to help make this experience successful, and to answer any questions you may have.  To find out more, read the "Virtual School Overview" and check out their website link below.


Customize your curriculum by choosing other companies to provide curriculum for your child.  This option allows parents to choose one or multiple companies to work with. The name of these companies/curriculum will need to be given to the Virtual Education Coordinator for approval. Each child will be allowed a certain dollar amount as set by the district.



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