Welcome to Seventh Grade!

This year, seventh grade students will enjoy a variety of learning experiences in Literacy, Language Arts, Math, Geography, and Science.  Each teacher strives to guide students through the thrills of learning and adolescence.  In addition to fun-filled yet challenging daily lessons, seventh grade students travel to the Guthrie Theater to witness Charles Dickens' classic tale The Christmas Carol, join the other grades at Trollhaugen or ActionCity to try out both indoor and outdoor activities, and venture to Eau Galle Park to explore nature.  

Please visit each teacher's individual classroom webpage to find additional resources and information.

Mr. Fettig - Geography

Mrs. Langman - Language Arts

Mrs. Lee - Literacy

Mr. Millar - Science

Mr. Ruskin - Math

For information regarding elective and exploring courses, please visit the Specialists' Pages.


Being prepared for class greatly aids students in their learning.  Please view the 2016-2017 School Supply List.

Seventh Grade Calendar

This calendar compiles all homework and tests for each of the five core classes including Literacy, Language Arts, Math, Geography, and Science. 

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