ITV Sign Language I – Year Course * Intensive Homework* Grade 11-12.  (Value: 1 credit for the entire year – Academic Elective)

Participants will learn the manual alphabet, signed numbers, sign vocabulary, and develop receptive and expressive skills in American Sign Language (ASL). Students will interact with a variety of people, assistive devices, and an animal from the Deaf Culture. Students will perform in ASL at various school functions. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to communicate effectively in basic signed conversations and be familiar with the values of the Deaf Community.

ITV Sign Language II – Year Course *Intensive Homework* Grade 12.  (Value: 1 credit for the entire year – Academic Elective)
Prerequisite: Sign Language I

Students will improve their expressive and receptive signing skills and be able to communicate effectively in most social situations. The Deaf Culture will be stressed and students will communicate with students during field trip experiences. Students will perform throughout the term in school activities. Students will read a book about a deaf individual and research current deaf personalities. Students in ASL II have the opportunity to perform in a Signed Theater in the spring.



Remedial Course – 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Quarter Grade 9-12

(Monday – Thursday) A remediation class is offered only to a student who has made an honest attempt to pass the original semester class. We feel that by having the student put in an additional 30 hours of work in that subject they would earn the lowest possible passing semester grade. St. Croix Central will offer four remediation classes, one each quarter. They will be Language Arts, Social Studies and Basic Math Skills. Term offerings, subject to change.

  • Term 1: Social Studies Remediation – (Value: ½ credit – Social Studies)
  • Term 2: Language Arts Remediation – Value: ½ credit – Language)
  • Term 3: Math Remediation – (Value: ½ credit – Math)
  • Term 4: Language Arts Remediation – Value: ½ credit – Language)

Students will work on basic skills during class time. Students must have thirty hours of seat time plus successfully complete all assignments.

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