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Bloodmobile a Success

The National Honor Society hosted a Red Cross Bloodmobile on Oct 29th. We had 58 usable units, positively impacting 238 people.

The 11 senior NHS members were on duty:  Megan Edelman, Sadie Buckel, Madison Malecek, Tony Berg, Connor Lyksett, Haylee Hawke, Haley Doonan, Claire Hueg, Dana Queen, Xena VanDusartz.

Thank you to all the donors for supporting our community!

Field Trip to Leaf Apple Orchard

The SCC High School CD class traveled to Maple Leaf Apple Orchard in Spring Valley in October.  A big thank you to Mark Christopher, owner of Maple Leaf Apple Orchard, who gave the students a hayride tour of the orchard and demonstrated the proper way to pick and process apples.  It was a beautiful day and a great learning experience. 

Student are pictured left to right: Xavier Martin, Jacob Tollefson, Ben David, Joey Wakeen, Roman Rollings, and Ramsey Rollings.

Submitted by:  High School CD Teacher Sharon Freitag


Typing: The Most Important Skill Your Child Can Learn


OK, so it is actually called “keyboarding” today, but when I learned how to “type” twenty-five years ago it was on a typewriter. But the basic skills are the same and they're even more important now than they were then because so much of today's work is done at the keyboard.

Learning how to keyboard properly is critical for several reasons. One, the Business and IT Standards for Wisconsin state that students demonstrate the touch method of keyboarding on an alphanumeric keyboard at acceptable speed and accuracy levels. (Recommended minimum: five wpm x grade level). Two, with most of the state testing gravitating to timed, online, short answer format, we do not want the students searching for certain keys and only keying two words per minute (making them unable to finish the test). And three, while most kids and adults can learn to hunt and peck on their own, real keying speed depends on proper technique and PRACTICE.

So, what can you do to help your child improve?

Please reinforce proper keyboarding technique. Are they sitting up straight? Are their hands in home row position? Their eyes should be on their screen or copy NOT on their fingers. Are their wrists and fingers slightly curved? Their elbows should be at a 90° angle at their sides.

Make your child practice! If you don’t have a keyboard at home, have your student ask for a paper image of the keyboard at school. Students can practice by keying newspaper or magazine articles. They may key words from a story book or even the closed captioning from their favorite television show.

Finally, model the behavior. There are great free online typing courses that you may want to try such as:,, or

Submitted by: High School Business Teacher Tracie Crowley


Upcoming Events and Announcements

School Closings

When the school is to be closed for the day or for early dismissal due to inclement weather it will be announced via the following:

Radio Television Internet
WCCO 830 AM KSTP TV Channel 5 News

WIXK New Richmond 1590 AM WCCO TV Channel 5 News
WEVR River Falls 1550 AM - 106.3 FM

We ask that you please do not call the school during this time unless you have an emergency.  The phones are needed for our communications.  Since many parents work, it may be wise to have a contingency plan if an early dismissal is necessary.

Channel 5 School Alert

Some people have asked if the AlertNow announcements could be sent out earlier than 6:00 am. The answer is yes!  If you would like to receive a message at the earliest possible time, you may sign-up to receive our school announcements via Channel 5 School Alert.  The Channel 5 School Alert system will be called first by administration and will allow you to receive any announcement within minutes of it being posted.

Click on the Channel 5 School Alert system link below to sign up to receive alerts via email or text message.

Register to receive ALERTS via EMAIL or text messaging



Attention All Crafters! 16th Annual Craft and Bake Sale

Annual Craft and Bake Sale

Saturday, December 6th9 a.m. - 2 p.m.

SCC Elementary School

We are looking for crafters to sell their items. If you are interested in reserving a space at the sale, please call Deb Henry at 715-781-1934 or email 

All proceeds from this sale will go to the Senior All-Night Party held after graduation in May!



To all farmers, hunters, friends of hunters and spouses of hunters!

Mr. Tackmann's Anatomy and Physiology classes are in need of fresh hearts for their winter dissections.  They love cutting into and dissecting fresh hearts instead of preserved ones! So if you or someone you know is lucky enough to shoot a deer this November please throw the heart into a plastic bag or ziploc bag, freeze it and bring it in to the HS for Mr. Tackmann.  We can then store them until dissecting time in January.  We appreciate the help.  Also if you have any farm animals turning into dinner meals this fall/winter and you're able to package up the heart we will take those too.  

Thank you so much for help with this educational opportunity!



ACT Exam Dates @ SCC

Questions?  Please contact H.S. Counselor Jeff Fern at 715-796-5383 ext. 1122 or Email:

  • September 13, 2014   
  • October 25, 2014        
  • December 13, 2014
  • April 18, 2015
  • June 13, 2015

Students can sign up for the exam at:


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