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“Where Are They Now” is a monthly article that highlights St. Croix Central Alumni. Good candidates for this newsletter article are individuals who are doing something interesting in their communities, making a difference in the world, who have good advice for St. Croix Central students, and have made the SCC Community a better place. If you have a candidate, or if YOU are the candidate, please complete the form at the link below so the alumni can be featured in the SCC monthly newsletter. If you would like to create your own article which includes answers to the questions that would be ideal. We also ask that you email us a picture of the featured alumni. Please direct questions to Elaine Starck at

Fill out the form here.

Thank you for taking time to submit this information. Learning about past graduates is a great way to teach current students what opportunities are available to them if they believe in themselves and work hard! Based on the number of submissions, we will select alumni randomly and possibly highlight more than one alumni per newsletter.



WFCA All-Star Football Benefits Children

all star football

SCC football players Jordan Winegar and Trevor Nelson have been invited to play in the WFCA All-Star Football game. As part of this honor, they are raising money for the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. The donations that are made to the personal page of each player are given directly to the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin and 100% of the donation is given (The players cost to play the game is NOT part of the donation). This donation is for a great cause and any donation, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated!

The link to Trevor Nelson's page is: 

The link to Jordan Winegar's page is: 

Also, on May 1st, 2017, Parkside Restaurant in Hammond is hosting a Burger Night for the two players for the donations towards the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. If you cannot make it or would like to buy a coupon to order in advance, please contact Trevor Nelson at or by phone at 651-395-7092 to get a coupon.

Again, thank you for your time and your donations! What a great way to give back!



Free Fun Family Musical Event

family music

Thursday, May 4 from 5:00 - 6:00 pm (CHANGE IN TIME)

SCC Middle School

More information HERE.

Registration form here.



Annual Get Movin! 5K Road Race


The SCC Graduation Association will be running their annual 5K race on Saturday, April 29th. This fundraiser supports the SCC Senior All Night Party but also promotes wellness in the community.

You can find costs, information on where the race will be held, and award information by clicking HERE.

We hope to see you there!


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