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Biology I and Chemistry Teacher
Phone: 715-796-5383


Welcome to my webpage!

My name is Tera Hinzman.  I am very excited to be starting my 18th year of teaching here at SCC.  What a great place!  I teach sophomore biology, advanced chemistry, and junior-senior chemistry.  I finished my undergraduate studies at Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Michigan in 1999.  Yes, I YUSTA BE A YOOPER! :)  In 2005, I completed my Masters through St. Mary's University. 

I am married and have three awesome children.

I also coach Science Olympiad.  This is a great opportunity for all high school students interested in being a part of a great team.  Students can choose to compete in 23 different events.  They get a chance to colaborate with other classmates, meet students from other school districts and other states. 

I believe that all students learn differently.  It is my goal to learn new techniques and methods of teaching to ensure that my students get what they need to feel successful.  Another belief I have is that students learn best when they feel safe and cared for.  I will maintain an environment of trust and respect. 


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