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Agricultural Teacher/FFA Advisor/Head Cross Country Coach
Phone: 715-796-5383 x128


Mr. Emery’s bio:
Bill Emery graduated from University of Wisconsin River Falls in 1991 with a BS degree in Agricultural Education with a additional Science Certificate. After graduation Mr. Emery worked in Auburndale for seven years where he overhauled the curriculum and grew the program to a two person department. In the process he developed a 120 acre school forest and tripled the size of the FFA organization. 
In 1999 Mr. Emery took a position in Holmen School District working with the extremely talented Roger King. In 2000 Mr. King and Mr. Emery were awarded a USDA Secondary challenge grant which focused on the development of two/three identical suitcase lessons for multiple teaching sites (lesson materials, video, worksheets, lab manuals and supplies), this project will culminate in agriculture lessons integrated into the subjects of math, science, social studies and language arts that are easily transportable to remote sites for distance education as well as for regular classroom instruction.
With a need to return closer to home and start a family in 2001 Mr. Emery spent three years working for the University of Minnesota Extension service as a 4-H and horticulture program coordinator in Goodhue County.
On June 8th, 2004, Mr. Emery was given a terrific birthday present and a great opportunity to work for the St. Croix Central School District. For the last five years he has developed the SCC FFA Nursery, a new small animal lab and has reorganized the FFA Alumni.
Currently Mr. Emery is a Masters Student at the University of Wisconsin River Falls and has his science certificate.  With his wife Andrea, Mr. Emery is raising three wonderful children and has returned to the family farm.
Why Agriculture/Agribusiness?
Agriculture encompasses production of food, fiber, wood products, horticultural crops, and other plant and animal products and including: -Practical knowledge about caring for animals, especially household pets -Understanding the impact of agriculture on the environment -Having practical knowledge about lawns, gardens, and recreational areas -Financing, processing, marketing, and distribution of agricultural products -Health, nutrition, and food consumption -The application of science -The use and conservation of land and water resources -Development and maintenance of recreational resources



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