The Panther Vodcast - with Tim Widiker

The Panther Vodcast, a video podcast, was created by Superintendent Tim Widiker in order to share information about the District with its stakeholders. Tim and his guests will have a casual conversation covering a variety of topics ranging from construction to leadership and beyond. These conversations will be recorded and accessible at the links below. 


Panther Vodcast With Tim Widiker 18 - 03.02.17

Athletic Director Jeremy Kerg is my guest today. We talk about the improvements that have been made to the athletic facilities the last four years and we discuss the new Panther Productions program that was developed to support the new video scoreboards.

Panther Vodcast With Tim Widiker 17 - 02.27.17

Shelly Clay has just been named the Elementary Principal starting the 17-18 school year. We talk about Shelly's experience in the classroom at SCC, the last two years as Assistant Principal, her transition from the classroom to administration and her vision for SCC Elementary.

Panther Vodcast With Tim Widiker 16 - 02.16.17

MS Science and STEM Teacher, Brad Holzer, is my guest. We talk about his background, the new MS STEM program and facilities and his vision for the program.

Panther Vodcast With Tim Widiker 15 - 02.08.17

Alycia Benzer is the SCC Elementary Science Teacher. We talk about Alycia's background, the joy of learning science in the elementary, the programming and science learning activities and vision of her program.

Panther Vodcast With Tim Widiker 14 - 01.23.17

Melanie Nuemann is my guest for Vodcast 14. Melanie is the elementary music teacher and director of a number of school plays. We talk about elementary music, drama, our new auditorium, vision for her programs and upcoming plays, concerts and events this spring.

Panther Vodcast With Tim Widiker 13 - 01.12.17

Sara Route and Michelle Schmitt are my guests and we discuss vocal music at SCC Middle and High Schools. We discuss their backgrounds, the progression in music programs over their years, the impact of music on students, the new auditorium and their vision of the programs.

Panther Vodcast With Tim Widiker 12 - 12.21.16

Cross Country coach Bill Emery and Cross Country athlete Livi Moll are the featured guests this week. We talk about the season that ended on a very high note with their first ever trip to state. We discuss the strategies and incredible work ethic that goes into the sport of cross country and especially the teamwork. Coach Emery was honored by winning the District 1 Cross Country Coach of the Year by the Wisconsin Cross Country Coaches Association.

Panther Vodcast With Tim Widiker 11 - 12.20.16

Band Directors Kim Hopkins and Jason Koele are the featured guests this week. We discuss their background, progression of the instrumental music programs, the new auditorium, the importance of music in a students' development and the vision of the music programs. This video certainly makes a strong case for the importance of music education in a child's development!

Panther Vodcast With Tim Widiker 10 - 12.7.16

Glenn Webb is the Director of Teaching and Learning at SCC and is in his first year in that position. We talk about his transition from High School Principal to his new position, his job duties, vision for his position and get into depth on the School Report Cards

Panther Vodcast With Tim Widiker 9 - 11.22.16

Garret Wenzel is the Technical Education teacher at the high school. We discuss STEM, the Fab Lab, Robotics and other programs within Tech. Ed. Garret gives us a tour of the Fab Lab and talks about the equipment and unique learning opportunities for students.

Panther Vodcast With Tim Widiker 8 - 11.21.16

My guest today is Head Football Coach Tony DiSalvo. The Panthers won the Division 4 State Championship last Thursday. We discuss the makeup of the team, the coaches, the community support and the championship season.

Panther Vodcast With Tim Widiker 7 - 11.08.16

My guests are Bob Adkinson and Jim Earley and our discussion is on Employee Engagement. I am a firm believer that Employee Engagement is ONE thing that can improve EVERYTHING in an organization, most importantly.....outcomes. The most important outcome at SCC is student learning. We discuss why EE is so important, show the correlation between EE and student achievement and tell the story of EE the last two and a half years at SCC.

Pather Vodcast With Tim Widiker 6 - 10.28.16

My guest this week is Elementary Principal Pete Nusbaum. We discuss his background and experience, his role as principal, the outstanding students, staff and parents of SCC Elementary, various programs, and the wonderful new/remodeled facilities.

Pather Vodcast With Tim Widiker 5 - 10.18.16

My guests for this vodcast are Mark Leopold and Lee Spindler from Miron Construction. Miron is the Construction Manager on our $23.995 million project that the voters passed during the November, 2014 referendum. We talk about the various stages of the project, budget issues, the good and bad of construction management and the process details of the projects. My favorite part is the discussion regarding people and relationships.

Panther Vodcast With Tim Widiker 4 - 10.13.16

High School Counselor Jeff Fern is my guest. We talk about his background, his role as counselor, mental health our students at SCC, advice for students and parents, cornerstones for success, and much more.

Panther Vodcast With Tim Widiker 3 - 9.29.16

Business Manager Jen Kleschold is my guest. We talk about the incredibly complex issue of school finance. We cover funds, revenue limits, budgeting, budget cuts, health insurance, student enrollment and energy efficiency projects. Viewers will certainly have a better picture of the SCC financial landscape after viewing this video.

Panther Vodcast With Tim Widiker 2 - 9.20.16

My guest is SCC HS Principal Kurt Soderberg.  We talk about Kurt's transition, first impressions of SCC, and his philosophies and initiatives he is implementing during his first year as principal.

Panther Vodcast With Tim Widiker 1 - 9.16.16

In the inaugural run of the Panther Vodcast, the guest is Daniel Ruud. Daniel is the Technology Integration Specialist for the St. Croix Central School District. We discuss the changes within the District that have been driven by technology and how they are changing the experiences that students, staff, and community members have at SCC. 

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