Public Health Immunization Letter
Child Immunization Schedule
TDaP Vaccine Information Sheet
Meningococcal Vaccine Information Sheet
Meningococcal B Vaccine Information
HPV Information Sheet
HPV Vaccine Information Sheet
Measles Fact Sheet
Measles Fact Sheet
Department of Health and Human Services Resources
Medical/Dental Resources
Whooping Cough Parent Fact Sheet
State Immunization Requirements 2012-13
Meningitis Vaccine Information
Meningitis Facts Sheet
Meningitis Information
Brochure: When is my child too sick for school?
Parents Guide to the Flu
Flu Facts

Forms for St Croix Central

Severe Allergy Action Plan
Severe Allergy Health History Form
Prescription Medication Form
Any student taking prescription medications during school hours must have this form completed by parent and doctor before medication will be administered.
Non-Prescription Medication Form
Asthma: Inhaled Medication Form
This form must be completed by the parent and the doctor for students who require inhalers or other inhaled medications during school hours.
Student Immunization Record Form
Kindergarten Eye Exam Form
Kindergarten Dental Exam Form
Kindergarten Physical Exam Form
Seizure Action Plan
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