Mission, Vision, Beliefs and Guiding Principles

Policy Number:                                                                                                                     110

Title:                                             District Vision, Mission, Beliefs and Guiding Principles                                                                                                                                                                                   

Vision Statement: Be a district respected by others as a model of excellence in student achievement.

Mission Statement: To prepare our students with exceptional character, knowledge and skills to thrive in

their changing world


We Believe that:

  1. We must develop the whole child.
  2. Teaching and learning must be exciting.
  3. All students can learn at high levels. (Rigor)
  4. Students are engaged when learning is made relevant to them. (Relevance)
  5. Students learn best in a safe and caring environment. (Relationships)
  6. We must accommodate individual learning styles.
  7. All students benefit from the use of developmentally appropriate materials, practices, and strategies.
  8. The use of data, evaluation and accountability are critical in making continuous improvement.


Therefore, the St. Croix Central School District will be guided by the following principles.


Guiding Principles:

  1. We will insist on the highest expectations of achievement for each student.
  2. We will equip students with the skills they need in order for each student to excel in the global community and to become responsible world citizens.
  3. We will continually improve our school district through the use of high capacity professional learning communities.
  4. We will be disciplined in the use of research-based, data-driven, best instructional practices.
  5. We will maintain and develop appropriate learning environments.
  6. We will move with a sense of great urgency to continually improve our processes because each student deserves the full benefit of our best practices.


Policy Adopted: April 19, 2010

Policy Revised: February 18, 2013

Policy Revised: March 17, 2014

Policy Revised: January 5, 2015


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