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St. Croix Central School Board Members
Front, Howard Kruschke, Kay Zwald, Scott DeGross; Back, Kirk Lyksett, John Hueg, David Olsen, Jeff Redmon

The St. Croix Central School Board welcomes any communication from the community. St. Croix Central School District believes in effective communication. We encourage any concerns to be directed to the appropriate staff. For example:

  • If there is a classroom concern, please contact the teacher.
  • If there is a building level concern, please contact the building principal.
  • If there is a Special Education concern, please contact the Director of Special Education.
  • If there is a transportation concern, please contact the Transportation Director.
  • If there is a district concern, please contact the Superintendent.

Please go the SCC Staff Directory for contact information.

If the concern is not resolved after following the procedure listed above, district residents may request to be placed on the School Board agenda.

Public Participation 

A public comment forum is scheduled during each regular School Board meeting.  District residents may address the School Board at that time.  Please see District Policy 187, Public Participation at Board Meetings (below) when requesting to be placed on the meeting agenda. You may contact the district Superintendent by email at or 715-796-2256 ext. 2373.

Board Meetings

Regular meetings of the St. Croix Central Board of Education are held at 7:00 p.m. on the third Monday of each month in the SCC Middle School Library.  Meeting dates and times may be adjusted to accommodate school and community events or due to calendar conflicts.  SCC Board Learning and Special Meetings are held on the first Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the SCC Middle School Library.Committee meetings are also scheduled as necessary.  Agendas and minutes of the open session portion of the meetings are available on the District website and will be published in the Central St. Croix News. Meeting agendas and exhibits will also be provided at the meeting.

Policy Number:                                                                                                          187

Title:                                                               Public Participation at Board Meetings

All School Board meetings shall be open to the public, except those authorized by law to be closed. While the public has the right to attend Board meetings, no individuals or groups have the right to enter into the deliberations of the Board unless they have been invited by the Board to do so.

The Board invites the public to speak at regular monthly Board meetings in two ways:

1. A public forum shall be scheduled at the beginning of the Board meeting for the purpose of hearing public comments on items included on the meeting agenda. The Board vests in its Board President, as the presiding officer, authority to recognize all speakers and maintain proper order at Board meetings. Each speaker should receive recognition from the presiding officer and then state his/her opinions briefly and concisely. The presiding officer may limit the time allowed for such presentations.

2. An individual or group may request to be placed on a meeting agenda for the purpose of making a presentation to the Board. Items may be placed on a meeting agenda by submitting an agenda request to the District Administrator or Board President prior to the meeting in accordance with the Board's policy on agenda preparation and dissemination.

The Board shall not discuss or act upon any item of business not included in the public notice of the meeting, except as specifically authorized by law.

LEGAL REF: Wisconsin Statutes Section 19.81, Section 19.83(2), Section 19.84(2), Section 19.85

Policy Adopted:


Public notice is hereby given that some members of the St. Croix Central School Board of Education may occasionally attend social events, conferences, conventions or district-sponsored athletic events and activities in support of the staff and students of the school district.

The Board of Education will not conduct any governmental business during these events.

2014-15 SCC School Board Meeting Dates and Times
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