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Can I be notified earlier about unscheduled late starts or school cancellations? Typically announcements such as this are set to go out at 6:00 a.m. If you would like to be notified earlier, please sign up for notification from KSTP television. KSTP will be the first notified by administration as soon as a decision has been made.


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Blackboard Connect Emergency Notification System

Please Read This Thoroughly


What is Blackboard?

Blackboard Connect is a rapid electronic communication system which allows school officials to use phone numbers and e-mail addresses of parents and community members to quickly contact them regarding school emergency and general information.  


Why do I need to update our family’s phone numbers and e-mail addresses?

Blackboard Connect uses the phone numbers and e-mail addresses in our student information system (Skyward) to contact parents with important messages. You can make choices in your Family Access account that will determine which phone numbers and e-mail accounts will be used to send Blackboard Connect messages. Please be sure to select from the drop-down list: home, work, cell or other for each phone number listed.

Blackboard Connect does not dial phone extension numbers, so if your work number includes an extension please list your work number as your third phone number in your Family Access account.


Which phone numbers and e-mail addresses will be used for Blackboard Connect messages?

School officials will be using Blackboard Connect to send two different types of messages; Emergency and General.

General Messages - Blackboard Connect will use the primary phone number and e-mail listed in Family Access for both Family 1 and Family 2 to deliver general messages. Blackboard Connect will leave messages if no one answers the phone and will try to call back two additional times if the phone is busy.

Emergency Messages - For emergency messages Blackboard Connect will use the contact information used for general messages plus the 1st and 2nd phone numbers listed in Family Access for all guardians. Blackboard Connect will not call the third number listed under any guardian. (The 1st number listed under each guardian defaults to the family’s primary number. You may change your 1st number listed under your guardian if you want another number called for emergency messages.)

Blackboard Connect will use all e-mail addresses listed in Family Access to deliver emergency messages.


Will Blackboard Connect call my work number?

It depends. Blackboard Connect will call your work number if you want it to. If you don’t want your work number called, enter your work number as the third phone number listed in your Family Access account. Please be sure to select the phone type (work) in the drop-down list for all phone numbers. (Home, cell, work, other)

*** Please do not delete your work number from your Family Access account; this information is very important to school officials.


Can I add additional e-mail addresses to my Family Access account?

You may add e-mail addresses to any guardian simply by adding a comma (,) and a space after the e-mail address listed and then entering an additional e-mail address.


How do I obtain a Family Access Account?

If you don’t have a Family Access Account please go to:

Or visit  -->  For Parents  -->  Family Access Getting Started


How do I update my family’s phone numbers and e-mail addresses in Family Access?

Log-in to your Family Access account and click on “Student Info” tab located in the menu on the left-hand side of the screen. Then along the right-hand side of the new screen click on “Request Changes for (child’s name)”. A drop down menu give you options of ‘Family Address’, ‘Family Information’, ‘Emergency Contacts’, and ‘Change Emergency Contact Order’. Any information that is modified may not update immediately as school officials must approve all requested changes made through Family Access.

*** Please make changes for only ONE student per family. Once requested changes are approved for one student, the changes will be effective for all students in the family.

You may also contact the school office to have your phone numbers and e-mail addresses updated.


It is possible to receive Blackboard Connect messages if you are a community member, or relative that does not have school aged children that attend the St. Croix Central School District:

In order to set up your own St. Croix Central School District Blackboard Connect account please visit to register. You can also view this tutorial on setting up your account.


Who do I contact to ask questions about Blackboard Connect?

You may e-mail or call any of the school offices.


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