Gifted and Talented

Gifted and Talented Program Overview:

The St. Croix Central School District is committed to providing opportunities which foster the gifts and talents of its students and provide experiences to develop and expand those gifts.

Gifted and talented opportunities shall be provided for students in grades kindergarten through 12th grade who qualify by being identified as having high performance capability or exceptional ability or abilities in one or more of the following areas: general intelligence, specific academic area, leadership, creativity and visual and performing arts.

Students recommended as gifted and talented in the areas of general intelligence or specific academic shall be formally identified and given the opportunity to learn at his/her own personal high performance level within the classroom curriculum and/or through the additional challenge of opportunities not ordinarily provided in the regular curriculum as determined by the identification criterion.

A student who is perceived by a teacher to be gifted and talented in the areas of creativity, arts or leadership shall be provided with enrichment activities within the classroom curriculum.

Response to Intervention and Enrichment:

As part of the implementation of Response to Intervention, the St. Croix Central School District is committed to providing enrichment for students who are above grade level in reading or math.  This enrichment is based on assessment data and it does not require the student to be identified as Gifted and Talented. 

Identification Categories:

Students will be identified for formal gifted and talented programming in the identification subcategories of general-intellectual and specific-academic.

General-Intellectual: The intellectually gifted are children who exhibit early and rapid development of language ability, strong powers of reasoning and advanced ability in critical thinking and problem solving. They may manipulate information in divergent ways when challenged by complex issues. Typically these children are noted for being several years beyond their peers in cognitive ability.

Specific-Academic: Academically able students are capable of making outstanding progress in one or more of the disciplines taught in school, which include math, science, social studies, reading and language arts.

Identification Criterion:

In order to be considered for Gifted and Talented programming, a student has set criteria to meet, per board policy.  A student will not be considered for a GT evaluation unless two or more years beyond same grade peers on multiple formal assessments (i.e. WKCE, MAP, F&P).  A student will be given a Intelligence screener to determine IQ.  If the IQ does not reach GT standards, then testing will not occur.

Since there are not multiple data points for children in Kindergarten, first and second grades, it is challenging to reach the number of data points necessary to identify a student as Gifted and Talented.  For that reason, it is often determined it is in the best interest of the child to wait until third grade for a formal evaluation.


If you have any questions regarding Gifted and Talented Programming, please contact the Director of Student Services, at 715-749-3119.

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